Exploring the World of Logan’s Run: The Novel on Fandom Wiki

Fandom Wiki is a dynamic and comprehensive database for fans by fans, featuring a multitude of wikis dedicated to specific shows, movies, books, and more, each rich with detailed information. One such treasure trove is the Logan’s Run wiki, where fans converge to discuss and dissect the beloved science fiction novel which laid the groundwork for a popular film and TV adaptations.

The Novel: Logan’s Run

The novel, written by William F. Nolan and George Clayton Johnson, presents a dystopian future set in the 23rd century. This future is tightly controlled, where a computerized society mandates the death of humans at a certain age to maintain balance. The tale unfolds following Logan, a Sandman tasked with enforcing this rule, as he approaches the age of termination and decides to flee the system he once upheld.

The Fandom Wiki page for “The Novel” offers a synopsis, background information, and even delves into differences between the book and its cinematic version. It’s a place for fans to collaborate and share their passion for the Logan’s Run universe.

Commence your journey through this classic sci-fi saga with a visit to the wiki page and immerse yourself in the rich lore of Logan’s Run.

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